Friday, September 14, 2012

A Slight Surge Of Warmth

Morning temperatures are starting off similar to yesterday -- 50's outside of the city, low 60's in the city.  It's a nice morning by September standards and another nice day is on tap.   A cool front is nudging in from the west, currently situated across Ohio and Indiana and slowly moving eastward.  The front should approach the region later this afternoon and throw some additional clouds our way.  We'll likely have a mainly sunny sky this morning, a sun and cloud mix by dinner time.  It will be a dry day as temperatures get into the lower 80's for many locations, with a few places getting to 83 or 84.  In the end, a day that should be a degree or two warmer than yesterday...hence, a slight surge of warmth.

This front had a bit more bark a couple of days ago when it was crossing the Upper Midwest, bringing areas of rain to Minnesota.  Its main energy source is in Canada and the front is drying out a bit as it approaches.  However, it should still have enough energy and pop with it as it crosses the region tonight to throw a few showers through the region overnight tonight.  No big deal overall and the resulting weather this weekend in the front's wake will be very similar, but a few degrees cooler, to the weather of the past few days.