Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Awesome Day Of Weather Ahead

Simply put, this week has probably brought the nicest weather we've had all of 2012 to our region.  Count me as a big fan of this week and I'll gladly take more weeks of weather like this.  We're off to a slightly warmer start compared to yesterday -- temperatures early this morning are nudging 60 in the city, 50's in most of the burbs...and we'll probably drop a few more degrees before sunrise in a while.  Skies are  clear through the region.

Today will feature a mainly sunny sky with some puffy clouds possible in the afternoon.  Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer today as wind trajectory is more southwesterly and less northerly, but generally light at 10 mph or less.  The result of a south "breeze" today will be highs in the lower 80's around the region -- most everyone tops out between 80 and 83.  We'll continue the very nice trend of weather tomorrow as well with similar temperatures.