Thursday, September 20, 2012

App Me: AccuWeather

By popular request, we're review AccuWeather's app for the iPad. Other than a few glitches and bugs, it's not bad and probably one of the more "fun" weather apps I have seen so far on the market.

Of course, that "fun" leads off with a rather ominous statement.  I haven't seen too many of these on iPad apps, let alone a free app such as the ad-supported version of AccuWeather's is.  Is it really needed?   The information that's on the app isn't proprietary and exclusive considering that the social content and the news are also all on their website.

Once you get past that dark entrance, the cool thing about Accu's app is the hourly and daily forecasts allow you to "grab" the sun (or moon) at night and scroll through the various forecast periods.  I really like's fun and allows for an easy way to grab information for a particular time or day.  Keep in mind the hourly forecasts or extended forecasts aren't perfect so don't take them as gospel...but they are nice features to have.

You'll notice that the sky condition changes either with the time of day (lighter at day, darker at night) or with the weather expected (see the rain chances that were in Tuesday's forecast below).  The daily forecast feature goes out fifteen days, standard for AccuWeather.

In addition to the standard temperature and forecast information, graphics include satellite, radar, and animation of those features.  There's also news and tropical weather (shows where tropical cyclones are at, their movement, and news related to them).

There isn't anything dramatically different between this and other apps but I do think this is a better app overall than The Weather Channel's app and arguably one of the better freebie weather apps on the market.