Wednesday, September 26, 2012

App Me: USWeather

If you like free, basic, simple, USWeather might be one of the best that fits those criteria when you're looking for a weather app. I knew this app was out there for a while but didn't download it until a couple of days ago when I thought I would try it out and see if it's something worth reviewing.

It definitely is.

The key in this is simplicity - you don't get the scroll with your finger for forecasts that AccuWeather provided on their app but you get the 'just the facts' information that is just as useful:  Temperature, dew point, breeze, and sunrise-sunset information.  You can get a forecast that's seven days in duration or hourly if you want.   All information is from the National Weather Service, including warnings (you can see the green bar just above the time where warning information would be displayed).

Radar features local or national options -- again, using National Weather Service information -- and I can toggle to regions if I want.  Included in this is looping and on local radar, the ability to set the graphic overlay as I want as the app developer pulls the radar information off of the NWS' radar datasets.

Also included is satellite information, switching to various loops or images as needed.  Again, simple and straight the point.

It also includes HPC information such as precipitation projections, current fronts and weather maps.

It doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles on it but it does have good amount of substance.   For free (I have yet to see ads but I do see an "as" designation as I'm guessing ads will pop up at some point), it's a good app to have for basic, simple weather information without having to open your browser.