Tuesday, September 11, 2012

App Me: Weather°

A free (lite version) app that's out there that I think it's kinda neat for just "basic" weather usage is called Weather°.   It provides a basic, simple forecast, current temperature, and weather information without too much detail, too much memory being jammed up into one app, and with enough info to get an idea of what's going on.

This app really isn't suited for the "hardcore" weather user -- there's no radar, no computer models, no satellite picture, no cute little graphics.  It's a time and temp style interface that also provides some other basic data.  It's basic, serves a "what time is it and what's it doing outside now" purpose, but does give some flexibility.

The default settings are humidity, precipitation, pressure, and visibility below time and temperature.  You can change those, change your location, and add locations as you see fit through the top bar.  Top left gives you the location option, top right gives you the ability to move the "extras" around and show different conditions.   I rearranged my four settings to show sunrise, sunset, dew point, and pressure.  In the winter, I can show wind chill but no heat index in the summer.

While there are ads on the free version and limited variability in the number of locations you can set, it's a nice app to have on your iPhone or iPad if you want basic, simple functions without a substantial amount of weather geek tools.  It does display the temperature on the home screen so you can have that information with you at all times if you wish.  The one big drawback is that the times I would check the forecast I got bugged with prompts to upgrade.  If I chose a free app, an occasional note is nice; however, I don't need it each time I go into the app as that drifts into overkill territory quickly.  For basic, however, this app serves its purpose and the price (free if you don't mind ads) is worth it.