Thursday, September 06, 2012

App Me: WeatherGeek

Our next app in our "App Me" series is one that I find really useful when I'm on the road and need to get a quick look at what the computer guidance is suggesting for the next few days. WeatherGeek is available for both the iOS and Droid platforms...and I have the iPad version. It is something I use a fair amount and despite the price ($4.99), it does provide me a quick resource at getting information that's available online already.

This app brings together much of the NCEP information that's freely available for hardcore weather followers into one place that you can easily maneuver through.  No need for multiple bookmarks, zooming, or multiple browser pages being opened.  For me, that's not a bad option in a pinch.  I also think the app is great for meteorology students, storm chasers (get a handle on what's predicted short and medium term if you are on the road), as well as serious weather followers.

This app, to me, isn't one that a causal "what's it going to do tomorrow" type of person is going to find much value in.   However, those who need to look at a GFS model, a NAM model plot, a regional high resolution model, plus the MOS output for a particular location can utilize this tool without having to incorporate 100+ bookmarks into the iPad or iPhone browsers.   WeatherGeek does allow the option to share your favorite GFS or NAM fantasy storm on Facebook if you so desire.

It also provides imagery for the ensemble (supplemental) guidance for the GFS, as well as wave forecasts for North America.  There are other in-app purchases you can add on -- such as the HRRR radar guidance and images from the HPC to show projected rainfall and storminess over the next several days.  I opted not to receive those but they are available at various increments (99 cents for most add-ons).

For the price, providing the additional services without the opt-in purchases would be worth it and make the app that much better. I think everything can be included at the $4.99 clip but I'm tight with my cash so if there's a way I can save a buck or two and/or get more bang for my buck I'm all for it! As it stands, it's a nice app that can become a bit of a pricey proposition if you purchase every add-on available.