Thursday, September 13, 2012

Continued Awesomeness

Weather patterns like this, despite monotony and boredom from a "storm tracking" standpoint, certainly are great to enjoy overall.  We have yet another awesome day ahead of us as temperatures top out in the lower 80's this afternoon with mostly sunny skies.  We're starting off a couple of degrees milder this morning than we are yesterday, with skies that are clear overhead in general but with some valley fog firing up in spots early this morning.  That valley fog could spread out over the next few hours and be locally thick, locally dense during the 6 AM and 7 AM hours, but should gradually thin out over the course of the morning.

Once that fog thins out, if it does indeed form, skies will be mostly sunny for the duration of the day.  We should top out in the lower 80's this afternoon, a notch milder than yesterday's 79 at the Airport.