Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crisp Start, Fantastic Finish

Today's a textbook case of urban heat island FTW.  Temperatures are in the mid 50's at 4 AM at the Airport in Southwest Philly, in the 40's nearly everywhere else around the region...including Northeast Philadelphia.  It's clear, cool, crisp out this morning.

Today will feature a sunny start with some high clouds trying to filter in later today from the west and southwest as high pressure works off of the coast and brings a return flow from the south across the region.  Our cool start will transition to a fantastic afternoon as high temperatures get into the lower and middle 70's through the Delaware Valley.  We're pegging 75 for the city as the high water mark for the day.

Today's dry weather won't continue for terribly much longer -- a shot of energy will push in from the west and southwest overnight and bring a chance of showers to Pennsylvania after Midnight, with the city and I-95 getting in on the shower activity towards morning.  More showers are expected through the day tomorrow as a cool front pushes through the region late in the day.