Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drying Out & Clearing Out

We're in the 60's this morning around most of the region under mainly cloudy skies.  There are a few breaks in spots but by and large low and mid clouds hold tight in the wake of yesterday and last night's squall line of wind and rain.  We'll have more on that later on this morning.

Today's weather will be refreshing and dry.  North and northwest breezes at 8-16 mph will dry us out.  A reinforcing trough is passing overhead through the next few hours and will push those clouds we mentioned off the coast, with sun gradually returning from west to east over the course of the morning drive.  It should be mainly sunny for the daylight hours west of the city, with clouds transitioning to sun east. 

The refreshing breezes will help temper temperatures a bit today -- with high temperatures poised to get to the lower or middle 70's depending on location.  We're pegging 73 for Philadelphia -- a few degrees below average but not a terribly "cool" afternoon by any stretch.  It will certainly feel much less humid -- and that in itself is a nice relief!