Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halfway Decent Day Ahead

 The front responsible for a couple of days of unsettled and cloud-strewn weather has pushed south of the city, helping nudge in a slightly cooler airmass into the Delaware Valley.  Temperatures are in the 50's at the Airport this morning and are solidly in the 50's to the northwest of the city, with 60's a bit more common in New Jersey at this hour.  Skies are mixed between partly cloudy and cloudy and that's pretty similar to what the weather will be today -- skies will vary in cloud cover, with a bit more cloud cover to the north and northeast of Philadelphia than in the city or points south.  However, it will be a bit cooler than the past few days as the front finally has nudged south of town.

We're projecting highs in the lower 70's this afternoon south of town, around 70 in the city, and upper 60's to our north.  This isn't terribly far off of "normal" for late September but given we were close to 80 the past few days it will feel a bit more refreshing.  Northwest breezes at 10 mph will help keep things on the cooler side as well.   There is a slight chance of a shower this afternoon, mainly in North Jersey or perhaps the Poconos, thanks to instability in the atmosphere with the cold air aloft.  However, these chances are pretty low.