Friday, September 21, 2012

Mixing Clouds And Sun Today

Skies early this morning feature a mix of clouds and stars -- with more clouds in New Jersey and in the Poconos than across Southeastern PA.  Temperatures vary, warmest in the city with low 60's early this morning and 50's elsewhere, but all a few degrees warmer than yesterday's cool start.  There will be some localized fog in spots this morning -- mainly across Southeast PA where skies have been a bit more clear -- but fog and low clouds should lift in the mid to late morning.   Clouds will mix with sun through the day, with a few more clouds in New Jersey than in Pennsylvania as a band of clouds rides along the coast with the subtropical jet as well as a nudge of warmer air aloft pushing northeast up the Atlantic coast.   It won't be a wholly cloudy day across the region but there will be a varied mix through the region.

With the "nudge" of slightly warmer air coming up the coast and a southerly flow, temperatures this afternoon could approach 80 in the city and points south.  We're projecting just shy of that in the city this afternoon (78 for a high) but a couple of generous thermometers could say 80.  Overall, another nice day around here...and with today being the last official day of summer, complaints will likely be minimal on the weather.