Saturday, September 01, 2012

Recapping August 2012

August 2012 ended up pretty warm overall but it wasn't a record warmest...or even a top ten warmest August in Philadelphia. The month's average temperature ended up at 78.6 degrees, about two degrees above average for the month.  It was the 12th warmest since climate records began in the 1870's but it did avoid a second consecutive top ten month.

In reality, the month was rather "typical" for a summer month despite averaging a couple of degrees warmer than usual -- hitting 90 on eight occasions (fewer than the 12 in 2010, more than the two we had last year) but also having a stretch of four cooler days in the latter portions of August (the longest stretch of below average we had since June).

Rainfall was solid around the region in August -- Philadelphia picked up 5.37" of rain for the month, 1.87" more than average.  Rainfall was at or above average for the whole of the region -- the closest rainfall to normal was northwest of us (Allentown and Trenton were just a tenth of an inch above average, Reading less than a half inch above average), while the city and Shore fared a bit more soggy overall.   On the flip side, Northern Delaware ended up below average overall for the month -- Wilmington by about a half inch.