Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Refreshing September Start

40's populate the northwest suburbs this morning as well as various parts of South Jersey.  Everyone else is in the 50's on a cool, crisp, and rather refreshing September morning.  It's nice to have one of these after a rather hot summer.  Payback can be sweet sometimes.  Today's weather is a slightly less breezy copy of yesterday with a few less clouds.   Expect winds from the northwest at 6-12 mph...a touch lighter than yesterday...but given our cool start the lighter winds will not counteract the impact of sunshine that dominates today.

Highs get to similar levels -- mid 70's -- compared to what we got yesterday.  Yesterday's high of 75 was the coolest since July 20th (near all day rain that day) this morning's temperatures in the 50's are the coolest since early June.  The nice work week of weather continues on with another fine day!