Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scattering Of Showers Today

We're off to a mild start around the region as temperatures are in the 60's just about everywhere -- in fact, the city at 67 degrees at 4 AM is just a degree cooler than Monday's high temperature.  It's going to be a mild, muggy day around the area as a frontal boundary approaches and crosses the region through the course of the day.  The front has helped pull moisture northeast into our region -- dew points are in the upper 50's in some spots and will push into the 60's later.  The front also brings with it a few weak impulses of energy as it moves east -- and it will be the focal point for showers developing and moving through a few times today.

Scattered showers is the name of the weather game today -- we'll see a batch pass south of the city this morning, a second batch move through the city and points north around midday, and a third batch probably develop in Western Pennsylvania and move through the city later this evening.  There will be lulls in between the activity, perhaps some sunshine as well in a few of the breaks, with the result of the day being a mishmash of nice and damp...but a total washout is not expected.  Some of the shower activity this afternoon and evening could include some rumbles of thunder along with it as instability ahead of the front increases a bit.

Highs today will get into the mid 70's in the Lehigh Valley, near 80 in the city (we're going for upper 70's in Philly), and lower 80's south where shower activity later today will be a bit more limited.  Areas south will probably see more sunshine and fewer showers compared to the north so the result will be temperatures that vary a bit by location.