Friday, September 21, 2012

September 22nd, 2012 Forecast

Friday, we had another great fall day, but it'll give way to some gusty showers and possible a thunderstorm or two tomorrow as a "cool front" will sweep through and lower temperatures back down to the lower 70s.  After tomorrow though, we'll nice consecutive days of comfortable temperatures and mostly sunny skies.

Tonight, another great night in the Cradle of Liberty under partly cloudy skies and very comfortable temperatures.  Lows in the lower 60s both around Philadelphia and to the south and east.  Otherwise, temperatures will remain in the upper 50's most other places.  Winds will be light, around 5 mph, from the southerly direction.  Saturday, skies will start out partly sunny.  If you have any outdoor plans during the day tomorrow, they should be okay up until the late afternoon.  Highs will be nearing 80-degrees in most areas, towards the mid- to upper 70s to the north and west.  Showers and thunderstorms will start to move in by the afternoon.  Some could contain gusty winds, therefore, the Storm Prediction Center has placed the area under a slight risk.  Tom's post from earlier this afternoon can explain more about the reasoning behind the slight risk, but by Sunday morning, the front will have cleared the area.

Sunday, temperatures cool down into the lower 70s under mostly sunny skies.  The start of the workweek looks very nice, with temperatures hovering around 70-degrees.  Some places may not even make it out of the 60's.  Tuesday, we return to near normal temperatures, in the mid-70's.  Wednesday, we see more sunny skies and comfortable temperatures.  Thursday, we start to see some changes.  Skies will feature more clouds than sun and a chance of some shower activity.  Friday look to be a little drier, but we could be in between systems at that point, with skies remaining mostly cloudy with higher humidity.  Temperatures will still be hovering in the lower to mid-70's.