Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 26th, 2012 Forecast

A frontal zone will develop across the Mid Atlantic over the next couple of days as energy streaks east just to our south.  A couple of rounds of showers are in the offing for the region between later tonight and tomorrow night, with the frontal zone slipping south a bit for Thursday before nudging back north for the end of the week.

Showers will move towards us later tonight, bringing an increase in cloud cover first and then the precipitation chances after Midnight.  The best chances for showers tonight will reside west and northwest of the city.  Shower chances are higher north of the city (as well as west) for a chunk of the morning hours before a break in the action moves in while we're between "rounds" of showers.   A second shot of energy will trigger additional shower and thunderstorm activity in the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow that most everyone should get in on as the frontal zone sneaks through the city late in the day.  It will not rain all day in those areas that get morning showers -- and for those who don't get showers (south/southeast), it probably won't shower until late in the day.

Lows tonight will range from the mid 50's north and in the Pinelands to the lower 60's south of the city and at the Shore.  It would not surprise me if temperatures nudged warmer after Midnight in Delaware and coastal sections of New Jersey.   Wednesday's highs range from the mid 70's north to the lower 80's in Delaware as there will be a few glimpses of sunshine south of the city.