Monday, September 03, 2012

September 4th, 2012 Forecast

Today's damp and dreary day will continue over the next few days as the region finally experiences some of the rains left over from Isaac.  A flood watch has been posted for the Philadelphia metro until Wednesday morning.  There have been flash flood warnings and even tornado warnings issued throughout the afternoon.  This can all be expected over the next couple of days as the remnants of Isaac slowly move off.  Temperatures will remain in the mid to upper 80's for a majority of the week.  Much like areas in the middle Mississippi River valley, the only good part about all this rain in that we need it.

For tonight, showers persist with a few thunderstorms.  Precipitation will be likely through the early evening hours, then become more scattered as we continue through the nighttime hours.  With a northerly flow, training over certain areas could be an issue, so additional flash flood warnings could be issues.  Also, if tornado warnings occur, they will most likely be based on Doppler radar signatures, although a tornado warning in Delaware was based off of a funnel cloud sighting.  If you get weather alerts on your phone, tonight is a good night to turn it up and make sure you have fresh batteries in your weather radio and flashlights.

For tomorrow, warm and still humid.  More showers likely with, again, some embedded thunderstorms.  Winds will be from the south, with temperatures in the mid-80's.  Like today, rains could be heavy at times so flooding is a possibility.  As mentioned before, these showers are slow movers so they will hang around over a specific area and could dump up to 2-inches per hour.

We'll be in the heavy shower activity until Wednesday, which is when our flood watch is posted until.  Thursday temperatures will still be up in the upper 80's but the showers will have moved off giving way to a nice day.  Friday, in time for the weekend, look like a nice warm day, possibly one of the last near 90 days.  By Saturday, temperatures will freefall into the lower 80's, under brilliant sunshine, and keep falling into the upper 70's for Sunday and Monday.  Both of those days will feature a little more clouds than the Saturday with the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm.  As always, the weekend won't be a complete washout, so I wouldn't immediately cancel any outdoor plans.