Saturday, September 08, 2012

Severe Storm Watch Until 10 PM

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 Storm Prediction Center has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10 PM for the entire region, including Delaware, South Jersey, and the Philly Metro on west.  Gusty winds with the incoming squall line (in Central PA as of Noon) will be the chief threat although we cannot completely rule out the risk of a tornado or two within the line.  That said, odds favor primarily wind and perhaps lots of it with the line as it moves east over the next several hours.

The line is a Fall squall as it moves east -- the chief cold front provides an intense burst of wind and rain with it as it moves through but ahead of the line thunderstorms and showers are breaking out across Central and Northern Pennsylvania, as well as down near Martinsburg, WV.  Everything will continue to march east over the next several hours and reach the Philadelphia metro between 4 and 8 PM.

Showers do continue across Jersey on northeast into the New York metro, with an earlier storm spawning a tornado in New York City earlier this morning.  That activity along the coast will lift northeast and the Shore areas will break out into some sunshine over the next several hours in advance of the Fall Squall.