Saturday, September 08, 2012

Showery Next Few Hours

It's a nice, welcome change this evening in the Delaware Valley.  Temperatures, earlier in the upper 80's with dew points in the 70's, are now running some 20 degrees cooler in the wake of the earlier line of gusty wind and showers.  While the brunt of today's storms was more evident in the Lehigh Valley and down across Central Delaware, the city and Wilmington did pick up wind gusts to nearly 30 mph as the line moved through.  Higher wind gusts occurred in Reading (53 mph), Cape May (49), and Lewes (43) with the storms as they moved through.  There was damage in a number of locations, mostly north and northwest of the city.

Now, showers with post-frontal energy lurking overhead as the front pushed offshore and is pushing into the Atlantic.  Showers continue back to about Pottstown and West Chester and are moving east-northeast through the region.  We will see showers end shortly west of the city, probably by 10:30 or 11 in the city itself, and by Midnight or just after that across Jersey.  I don't expect an all night rain and I don't expect the rain to be terribly heavy -- it's a more showery, gentle rain.  Rainfall itself hasn't been terribly heavy -- generally a quarter to two-thirds of an inch of rain across the immediate region, higher totals towards the north.

One last note, despite the lack of damage reports around the Philly metro keep in mind that the best potential with today's storms was supposed to be to our north today...which it generally was.  Philly did get "shafted" in comparison to everyone else if you think shafted means not getting any severe weather whatsoever...however, the NAM (outlined in our post this morning) showed that worse conditions were going to be likely north of the city.

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