Thursday, September 27, 2012

Showery Start, Decent Afternoon

 A swath of rain and showers stretch from Easton back to Harrisburg to Western PA (along the PA Turnpike), moving east early this morning.  These showers will slip through parts of the region during the morning hours before they thin out a bit as the impulse in the atmosphere that's firing these up moves away.  We should get a break in the shower activity later on this morning and through midday as we end up in between disturbances (this morning's moves away, a second one will move towards us for tonight and early Friday).

The slowly approaching and slow-to-cross front that lies nearby has been a forecasting headache as it resulted in a less-than-showery scenario for the region yesterday despite modeling that suggested otherwise...and with an area of showers this morning that wasn't well modeled.  This pattern will result in forecasting fun over the next few days and off/on chances of showers...should like a fun pattern, doesn't it?

Once this morning's shower activity moves off, sunshine will filter through the clouds like yesterday and we should see temperatures nudge into the 70's for many locations.  Some lower 80's are possible across South Jersey and Delaware this afternoon, with the city getting into the upper 70's for a high.