Monday, September 03, 2012

Soaking In Spots Last Night & This Morning

Areas of steady and heavy rain are falling around the region as tropical moisture feeds along a stalled frontal boundary to our south, interacting with an east flow off of the Atlantic.  Bands of showers, heavier bands of rain, have been propagating northward this morning as the front to our south acts as a trigger for precipitation to break out.  While this tropical connection is courtesy of Isaac's circulation pulling tropical air north across the Southeast, it's not a direct connection to Isaac itself.  That mess is still out to our west and will be our guest tomorrow night and early Wednesday.

Flood advisories are out for parts of the area with the steady to heavy showers lifting slowly northward.  Radar estimates from last night and this morning show that up to five or six inches of rain fell in parts of New Castle County in Delaware, with two to three inches common in the orange shading across Delaware and Chester Counties.

Not everyone will see rain today -- it is going to be scattered around -- but those that do pick up some rain could get heavier bursts of rain and localized flooding can't be ruled out in any location thanks to the interaction with the front.