Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Showers Possible Later

It's a cool and mostly cloudy morning around the region -- very similar to yesterday in temperature layout but a few degrees cooler as we were quite cool yesterday.  With an upper level low lurking nearby today and a myriad of clouds, temperatures will not be very warm.  However, most guidance indicates we should break into some sun in a few spots and that should help temperatures nudge a bit higher than where they were yesterday (when our high was just 65 degrees).

Those breaks in the clouds will also agitate the atmosphere and help trigger some scattered shower activity, above and beyond what's already occurring in Central Pennsylvania this morning with the upper low.  We will see those showers gradually work east and cross through areas from Philly on north later today.  The best chances of shower activity will be this afternoon into this evening around here.  Shower activity won't be terribly heavy or long lasting -- but it will be enough to sour up any outdoor activity for a little bit.

Highs today will be slightly milder than yesterday -- mid to upper 60's north, around 70 in the city, 70-73 south of town.  We'll add a few more degrees to the temperatures tomorrow as well as fewer clouds are in the offing than today.