Saturday, September 08, 2012

Stormy End To Saturday

We're off to a warm, humid, and cloudy start in the region today as the region gets one more day in the muggies before a taste of Fall begins to blow in tonight.  The price we pay for the taste of Fall is a squall line that moves through around dinner time or just after that tonight, bringing the potential for damaging wind and perhaps a few tornadoes to the region.  More details on that in another blog post that will be out in a couple of hours.  Just note that the squall line will likely reach the Philly area between 4 and 8 PM (earlier west).  Winds could gust to 70 mph with the squall line in isolated locations.

Temperatures are in the 70's this morning, dew points aren't far behind.  Clouds are with us early this morning and will probably be with us for a while this morning although there will be some sunny breaks through the midday hours before the front approaches this afternoon.  With the morning clouds and tropical air pushing north and northeast a few showers will be out and about through the morning hours with moisture streaming ahead of the front.  Showers will general be nuisance variety and mostly in Delaware or Jersey as they move northeast.

The front itself has a lot of wind energy aloft and the core of those low and mid level winds pass to our northwest but the dynamics with the front will be enough to sustain storm development through the day as the front marches eastward.  The front as of 6 AM is entering Western PA and will steadily march across the state through the day.

Before the front hits, temperatures get into the middle 80's with stiff southerly breezes at 12-20 miles per hour.