Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weather Rewind: September 16-22, 2012

Last week's temperatures were 0.6 degrees above average -- rather "typical" September temperature overall thanks to some yo-yo variety in temperature. Yesterday's 85 degree high pushed the average to the positive side of the ledger for the week and prevented a second consecutive below average week in Philadelphia.  Overall, nothing atypical about last week from a temperature standpoint. 

Rainfall was a different story, especially if you live north and northwest of Philadelphia.

1.25" of rain fell at Philadelphia International last week -- which isn't a huge amount on its own -- but much more rain than that fell across portions of Eastern Pennsylvania.  Eight inches fell on Tuesday in parts of Carbon County from a storm system that pushed through the Appalachians, pulling up tropical moisture and squeezing it out over the Poconos. Over two inches of rain fell as close to us as Pottstown and Reading from that same storm system.  Additionally, gusty winds from a squall line embedded within the shield of rain knocked out power to 50,000 on Tuesday afternoon locally.
Saturday's storms were much milder in comparison -- some localized damage reports and rainfall totals generally in the quarter to half inch range for those who did get hit.