Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weather Rewind, September 23-29, 2012

Thanks to a mild, humid stretch in the middle of the week our average temperature last week was above normal despite a cool start and end.  We averaged out 1.2 degrees above for the week -- nothing overly atypical but we continue an overall cool lean to the latter three weeks of September as daily temperatures have been below average on 13 of the last 21 days.  The midweek mildness, thanks to clouds and a southerly flow aloft, provided three nights with lows in the 60's and a high over 80 degrees on Wednesday afternoon.

In terms of rain, not much officially fell in Philadelphia -- just 0.22" for the week.  Allentown picked up 0.62", Harrisburg 0.89", and Atlantic City picked up only 0.08" as the bulk of shower activity with last week's storm systems passed to our north and west.   Not a terribly high amount of rain but the timing on Thursday morning's shower activity was such that it provided for a high impact drive to the office for many.

One anecdotal note from last week -- Monday's high of 68 degrees was the first time since June 5th where the temperature didn't crack 70 degrees in Philadelphia, ending a streak of 110 days of 70 or above in Philadelphia.  Since 1970, it's the 9th longest streak of 70 or warmer temperatures.  We last had a streak of 110 days or longer in 2008.   The record for Philadelphia is 123 days -- set in 1991.  Last year's longest streak of 70 degree weather was 106 days.