Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weather Rewind: September 9-15, 2012

Temperatures last week averaged 1.7 degrees below average -- five of the seven days were below average as well -- as a cool regime set up shop in the East over the duration of the week.  Not only was it cool but it was dry -- outside of a few showers passing to the north of the city with a cool front on Friday night, the weather during the week was pretty much rain free...allowing the region to dry out some from a soggy start to September.   Temperatures only reached 80 twice last week -- Thursday and Friday afternoons -- with our coolest morning on Tuesday (54) being the coolest start we've had since early June.

Despite the lack of rainfall last week, the city is still running with a significant rainfall surplus this month...up over two inches to average to date.  Rainfall surpluses are also common throughout the Midwest and Mississippi Valley thanks to the remnants of Isaac moving through those areas over Labor Day weekend.
It's been dry -- too dry -- in the West...and parts of Washington and Oregon are dealing with lots of wildfires.  The dryness is also common into the Northern Plains as well.