Friday, September 28, 2012

Zapped: Video Shows Lightning Striking Car in Russia

Back on September 17th, this Toyota SUV was buzzing around a road in Russia during a rainstorm when lightning struck it.  A police patrol car video captured the strike in its full glory and it's been making the rounds on YouTube the past few days.

Apparently in the wake of the strike, the car seems to continue progressing for a while until reaching a yield point in the road, its driver unscathed (perhaps a bit rattled) in the wake of the strike.

Lightning strikes of hard-shelled, non convertible cars are rarely dangerous to the driver and any passengers of the car inside.  Electricity flows around the outside of the car's metal frame rather than coming inside the vehicle. Exceptions to that would include convertibles, motorcycles, and any vehicle with a fiberglass shell.  Having rubber tires on your drop top won't protect you.

That said, I'm pretty sure that the driver of the car in Russia was a bit shocked to see the indication of a lightning strike on the top of his or her SUV when they got home.