Friday, October 26, 2012

A Couple of Days of Calm Ahead

We're off to another gray start in most of the region...but unlike yesterday, where stratus clouds kicked butt and took names all day and didn't allow any sunshine to break through, we will see erosion of the stratus deck around the region later on.  Millville and a few spots across South Jersey have cleared off a little bit in the pre-dawn hours this morning.  Keep your fingers crossed this trend continues!  Until then, some drizzle may squeeze out of the stratus in spots across Eastern Pennsylvania.

Temperatures start between 55 and 60 across the region this morning and will move towards 70 this afternoon with those clouds brightening somewhat this afternoon.  Some lower 70's are do-able, especially across Philly, South Jersey, and Delaware -- those locations may see the most brightening later on.

Today and tomorrow will serve as good preparation days for the arrival of Sandy on Sunday across the region.  The early morning track from the NHC places the center of the storm across Southern Delaware on Monday night and early Tuesday morning.  Some modeling still suggests a faster arrival of the storm -- and we tend to agree that we could see rain into the region on Sunday morning.  We'll outline the full details of expectations -- impacts will be widespread with the storm but for the coast it matters where the center of Sandy ultimately tracks.  We'll detail all of that later on.