Tuesday, October 09, 2012

App Me: Leaf Peepr

Changing the focus on our "app me" from direct weather to something that weather and the seasons impact, why not an app that highlights Fall color?

While not available for the iPad as of yet, YankeeFoliage.com has a great app for both the iPhone and Android platform that allows you to examine Fall color throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.  This is a great tool for you when you're not only looking to go somewhere to view leaves...but also to report on it yourself and share some evidence of the change in seasons.

Best part?  It's another freebie app.  Based on that alone, even if it only gets use for four weeks out of the year, it's still a must have app on the phone in my opinion.

The graphics for this are viewed from my iPad so they're a little bit skewed to reality but they generally capture the function that you can utilize on the app for the iPhone.
 You can slide a scale across that ranks how far through fall color the leaves in your area are -- from "still green" to "gone" and can add a photo that shows some proof of what you have going on in that location.

The app also allows you to comment on the leaves or lack thereof as we move later into the Fall.  More importantly, you can change the location from where you are at now to a different location if you're in the mountains and lack the 3g/4g needed to get a picture uploaded or to burn through some data -- you can report on the leaves in a spot after the fact if you so desire.

As you travel around the region and sample fall color, you can use this app to share your pics and also get a sense of where the "hot spots" are.  Enjoy your Fall color viewing the next few weeks!