Thursday, October 04, 2012

App Me: Weather for iPad

Presselite's Weather for iPad comes in a free and paid version (the paid version runs 99 cents) and is a basic time, temp, and miniforecast app that gives some basic information...with little in the ways of frills and fluff, and a simple "ad supported" version (the free version) that gives enough info to start the day.

The app includes an alarm clock, the current conditions, and a three day forecast for any particular location.  The sky condition is reflected in the sun (or lack thereof if it's cloudy or raining out) as well.

Adding locations is relatively easy (the plus within the cloud) and you can do it with a simple city, country lookup. Tapping on the arrows on the side allow you to move between locations and the alarm function will allow you to use this as an alarm clock in the morning as well.

This is another "simple" app that does what it advertises.  Isn't meant to be data intensive or chocked full of weather geek tools, but it does provide its users a way to get a quick forecast and information on what it's doing outside.  It probably would be best used as an alarm clock for travelers but as a free app it definitely has a nice place for weather app users if they are looking for something simple and easy for their app assortment.