Sunday, October 28, 2012

Awaiting Sandy

The effects of Sandy have arrived as the outer bands of rain are affecting parts of the region.  There is a band of moderate rain stretching from eastern PA southward to Delaware as of 7:30am.  The rain will increase in coverage throughout the day.  It will mainly be light to moderate, as the heavier rainfall won't arrive until later tonight and during the overnight hours.

Winds will be on the increase throughout the day from the Northeast.  They will range from 10-15 mph, but there will be occasional gusts over 20 mph.  The winds will be stronger at the beaches, gusting over 30 mph.  With the rain, the winds will continue to increase as we head into the evening hours.

Hurricane Sandy continues to move Northeast off the east coast.  Throughout the day, she will begin to turn north and eventually make that turn west towards the mid-Atlantic coast.  Landfall continues to be in NJ late tomorrow night somewhere along the NJ coast between Ocean City and Seaside Heights.

While the weather will be going downhill, there is still time to make final preparations for Hurricane Sandy before the brunt of the storm arrives tomorrow.  I can't stress enough how dangerous of a situation this is and the effects it will have for everyone in the region over the next few days.  Make sure you have several days worth of food, water and other essentials in the event you lose power for an extended period.  This is going to be a truly unprecedented event and one that many people have never experienced.