Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Checking In On October

October has been a rather "normal" month from an overall temperature standpoint but has hardly been a month of constant, tranquil weather. Through yesterday, the month is four tenths of a degree above average (60.7 our monthly temperature so far).  Just looking at the baseline number and you'd think the month has been nothing unusual.  We did have a rather sharp drop in temperature between October 6th and 7th thanks to a cold front that slapped us in the face with autumnal reality and brought three consecutive days of sub 60 degree highs in its wake thanks to showers and drizzle.  Those three days helped drive temperatures down towards normal and make up for the mild first week.

Besides a "normal" month from a temperature standpoint, rainfall amounts month-to-date have been incredibly modest. Philadelphia has picked up just 0.36" through yesterday, over an inch and a quarter below normal. Allentown has picked up 2.53" of rain, much of it falling two weeks ago today, with Reading at 2.78" through yesterday. Both of these locations are above average for the month. The dry island is generally in place around Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Trenton -- all three locations are below average on rainfall so far this month.