Thursday, October 18, 2012

Filtered Sun Today, Showers & Rain Late Tonight

A rather varied look on temperatures this morning -- 30's in some spots where ma nature has been efficient at cooling things off, 40's for many, with 50's at the Airport in the core of the heat island.  We will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday's 63 degree high as a milder southerly breeze kicks in later today.  However, we will be facing increasing and thickening clouds as a storm system in the Midwest and South approaches us for tonight and tomorrow.  The morning sun will become more filtered, clouds will thicken, and by dinner time we'll be mostly to mainly cloudy.  We should stay dry through dinner and most of the evening hours, however, before we get in on showers and rain overnight later tonight.

Temperatures today will approach 70 for many locations, hitting the mark in the city and points south.  Warmest air will reside in Delaware where low 70's will be common.  North of the city, 60's will be common.  A mild day but one that will nonetheless trend more cloudy through the day.

As a side note, the southern 70 percent of Delaware is under a slight risk for severe weather for tonight in the early Storm Prediction Center outlook.  This is mainly for late tonight and tomorrow with the odds chance that the bands of rain that approach the region tonight are accompanied by gusty winds and perhaps a fall squall that produces severe wind gusts.   Odds on those level of gusts occurring are higher across the Carolinas than locally but we could see some gusty winds tonight and tomorrow with any heavier rain that falls.