Saturday, October 06, 2012

Flirting With Warmth Until The Front

Temperatures are off to a relatively mild start around the region -- 50's and 60's common across town this morning.  A cold front lies this morning across Western Pennsylvania and will march east through the day, crossing Philadelphia in the early afternoon hours and hitting the coast close to dinner.  Ahead of the front, warm southwest breezes and a decent dose of sun to start the day.  Clouds increase along the front and once the wind shift hits, temperatures will level off if not slip back a bit for a time.

There's a decent band of rain to our west (Pittsburgh and north) this morning.  This will lift and pass to our north as the front moves east today as energy and dynamics are better to our north.  We could see a shower or sprinkle with the front as it crosses the region later on but for the most part the front appears on computer modeling to be dry.  In essence, today's weather will not be terrible and it will be much better than tomorrow's chilled showers and much colder temperatures.

Highs today will get into the 70's for much of Pennsylvania and North Jersey.  Philly makes a run at 80 towards midday and the early afternoon before the front passes through.  I think the Airport will hit 80 but even if it doesn't, the upper 70's still look very easily within reach.  South and east will probably get into the lower 80's for a time.  The front will put an end to this round of warmth and usher in a general regime of cool that will last the better part of ten days.  If you love your warm weather, head south, head east, and enjoy as much of it as you can today as tomorrow will be a slap in the face with a wet noodle of October chilled showers.