Monday, October 29, 2012

From Bad To Worse Later On

Sandy is still 200 miles from coming ashore and is continuing to strengthen this morning -- the combination of the trough digging in and capturing Sandy, as well as the Gulf Stream, are contributing to deepen the storm and increase its winds. That capturing process is starting to show in Sandy's movement as it is starting to make the turn back to the west...a move it will continue to make through the day today, leading for final landfall somewhere along the Jersey coastline.

Today's weather is miserable from the city on south at this early hour...but will deteriorate through the day as the storm pushes additional moisture off of the Atlantic, pulls closer to the region, and sends its full fury ashore later on today. If you don't have to go out today, don't...stay home...we are hardly to the "main event" that takes place from a wind and rain standpoint later this afternoon and tonight.

Rainfall will continue to increase for those of you north of the city on while remaining quite heavy south of town and the winds will continue to ratchet higher through the afternoon and into this evening. Highest rainfall totals will be south and southwest of Philadephia...Delaware, eastern parts of Maryland, and perhaps SW New Jersey look to be the places where ten plus inches of rain are most likely.

The worst of the worst impacts will be at the Shore...especially above where the center comes inland later. Evening high tide will probably be record setting above Cape May and even in DE the high tide will be quite high, with extensive flooding along the coast.

Landfall looks to take place at some point late this afternoon or this evening but given the more rapid movement it may be onshore by 5 pm...if the west nudge is slower in finishing the landfall point will be farther up the coast. From a wind and rain standpoint, the size of the storm is massive enough that tropical storm force gusts were occurring up in Boston this morning around 7 AM while the center was east of Hatteras. This is one of the larger Atlantic tropical cyclones on record from a geography standpoint...because you have that large size AND have the nontropical influence on it from the trough those impacts that are typically worst near the center are not...and instead are spread out over a great distance.

Stay safe today and tonight.