Saturday, October 13, 2012

From Frost This Morning To Near 80 By Monday?

Indian summer may very well be at hand, albeit briefly, by tomorrow afternoon through Monday as the chilled high that works overhead today pushes off the coast. A strong storm system in the middle of the country today will bring severe weather from Iowa to Texas as low pressure intensifies over the middle of the country. This low will push into Canada, dragging warm air northeast into the Mid Atlantic starting tomorrow.

So, temperatures that look like this on Saturday morning:

...generally 20's and 30's across a wide swath of real estate, will be replaced by temperatures in the 70's tomorrow afternoon from the Lehigh Valley on south, with the thermometer nudging even higher for Monday!

The NAM is hinting at high temperatures in the upper half of the 70's south and east of Philadelphia during Monday afternoon, with the NAM pegging the city for 79 in last night's model run!  Not a record as the record on Monday is 87 but still pretty warm for this time of the year and quite warm in comparison to the chill in the air around the region this morning.

Don't get used to it.  A cool front will push through Monday afternoon with a few showers associated with it, sending the thermometer back down a bit.  It won't be as cool as what we experienced this morning nor as chilly as what we experienced early this week, but temperatures will be more "typical" for mid October (highs in the 60's, lows in the 40's) for much of next week.