Saturday, October 27, 2012

How We're Handling Sandy

Those of you who are long time readers here know the deal -- it's a group effort, lots of cooks that stir the forecasting pot, giving you forecasts on a daily basis.  We all give our time and it's a labor in love to give you the straight dope in Philadelphia's weather scene and craziness.  That said, we aren't always 24-7.

The next few days, unfortunately, will be one of those times.

In thinking that late October and early November will be a good time to schedule a vacation for my ten year wedding anniversary (which was yesterday), I didn't think that Ma Nature decided to spin up this little hybrid storm that will impact the region while I'm away.  Yes, I'm on vacation officially through next Saturday as I'm going to the Caribbean.

No, the site will not be inactive.  We will still have coverage of Sandy and will update the storm as it progresses up the coast, as it tantrums the Shore, and dumps a lot of rain across the region.  We will have a fair amount of updates online, which will feed into Facebook and Twitter.  I can't ask more of the great team of people that work with me on this site than what they've already provided and will provide over the coming days.  They have jobs, school, and in two cases have emergency response to deal with while the storm is going on.  They're stepping up into my vacation void and updating this site over the next few days with Sandy-related info.  You'll get that here on the blog at least on a few occasions through the day.

This serves as that heads up that some aspects of the site will be rather minimal over the coming days and that we may not respond to your tweets online.   That we won't be on Facebook or Twitter *as much* as we do when big storms hit.  Vacations happen...especially ones that are planned ten months out!  Some may get upset when their question goes unanswered on Twitter.  Can't control it.  I won't be upset about it.  In advance, some good places to go to answer those questions in a more rapid fashion are here, here, and here.  The blog will still be active and will have up-to-date information. Social media will not be as much...but if you wish to be social (and we wish you to be...please use our blog posts and interact with each other and with us).

For the record, this is the second storm in less than two years that I have (un)fortunately missed out on.  The first was the January 2011 snowstorm that brought thundersnow to the region.  Doug and Brian did a great job of handling the storm over the course of the days that I was away in Los Angeles.  The team will do a great job of covering Sandy over the next few days and when I get back, hopefully I'll bring some nicer weather with me back to the Northeast.

There is material that I've "canned" in the queue to publish live next week...after Sandy moves through.   I'll see you a week from next Sunday.