Wednesday, October 03, 2012

In A Fog To Start

 A warm front lies generally just north of an Atlantic City to Dover line, with 70's south of that point and 60's to the north.  Much of the region is shrouded in fog this morning as an east and northeast flow off of the Atlantic are helping suck additional low level moisture in, with a warm front acting as a boundary to allow additional tropical moisture to the south to lift over and help create the low clouds and fog.  A dense fog advisory is out until 10 AM for much of the region this morning -- the gray shaded counties -- as visibility levels are at a quarter mile or less in much of the advisory area.

The fog should by midday, the low clouds should lift shortly after midday, with a mix of clouds and sun for the afternoon hours.  Areas from Philly on south will get the most sunshine and should see temperatures get into the lower 80's by day's end.  The farther north you are, the tougher it might be for that warm front to push through during the day.  It's possible we see the Lehigh Valley hang in the low 70's for a high while the Turnpike corridor hits 80.  It's a sign of the changing seasons -- warm fronts may not always have the same push that they do in June.

A few showers lie west of the city this morning, lifting northeast and most of those will likely pass to our west and north this morning although a few are trying to form farther south as of 6 AM and could work through parts of South Jersey and the city.  A few more scattered showers or storms may fire this afternoon in the warmth and humidity...with the best chances from Philly on north along the warm front.  It should not be as widespread as yesterday but a few afternoon showers and rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out.