Thursday, October 25, 2012

Low Clouds, Pretty Murky Day Ahead

We're mild this morning with temperatures around 60 for the city and points south, while mid and upper 50's are common to the city's north.  It's not a bad morning out from a temperature standpoint but it is murky and foggy in spots -- visibilities are down to a quarter mile in the Poconos as of 4 AM.  Fog and drizzle are possible in some locations, especially north and northeast of town, through mid morning.

Sunshine may be a bit of a premium today -- models vary a bit on how much of the low cloud cover we burn off in the east flow off of the Atlantic.  Some of the more optimistic models paint a sunnier picture this afternoon and if that happens we could nudge 70 in a few locations for highs later today. At minimum, a few breaks in the overcast can't be ruled out this afternoon but a fair chunk of the day will be murky, gray, and blah.   Assuming the sun doesn't shine all that much, we probably see temperatures range from the mid 60's north to the upper 60's south and west.