Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mainly Sunny, Cooler Day Ahead

A breezy night has helped keep temperatures up a bit compared to modeling had suggested...thankfully those winds should subside a bit through the course of the day as high pressure builds briefly overhead.  Winds gusted at Philadelphia International to nearly 30 mph in the 3 AM hour.  Winds will not stay that high through the day today as they should average out to around 10 mph for the day -- but could gust to over 20 mph in parts of the region in the morning hours.

Temperatures are in the lower 50's in the city early this morning -- in the 40's in the surrounding burbs -- and will climb to around or just above 60 this afternoon as bright sunshine runs the show today.  At worst, a few passing clouds could dart through this afternoon but for the most part skies should be dominantly sun-filled.  The next three days look to be bright but cool as a reinforcing shot of cool passes through tomorrow afternoon and adds more chill to the air for Friday night...with the potential for a frosty start outside of the city on Saturday morning.