Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Milder, Showers Stay North of City

Temperatures this morning are in the 40's outside of the city and a few other pockets, with 40's common for many.  A warmup is in store for the next couple of days as a warm front nudges through today, helping bring a southerly flow of mildness over the region for the next several days as temperatures should nudge 70 or above each afternoon through Friday.

With the warm front lifting north of the city today, showers will scoot east along it.  Those showers are likely to pass north of us, generally along and north of I-78 later today as they are back near Cleveland as of 4:30 this morning.  South of I-78, skies will be varied in cloud cover but with a mild southwestly flow aloft and at the surface we should be awfully mild this afternoon.

We're predicting highs of 75 in the city, with mid 70's common around the Delaware Valley.  Some upper 70's are possible in Southern Delaware, with 70 or so likely from Allentown on north.  No records in the offing locally (today's record high is 87) but a pretty mild day for late October.