Monday, October 08, 2012

Morning Sun/Increasing Afternoon Clouds/Chilly

Its a cold start this morning and the coldest we've seen yet this fall season.  Temperatures are in the mid 30's in Northeast PA, the Poconos and Northern NJ, with lower 40's further south and closer to the city.  Yesterday's rain and damp weather have moved away, leaving us with a dry and somewhat sunny day today, but that won't last long.  Another storm system will be impending on the area tomorrow.

Some areas, especially the most rural, developed fog overnight and that will stay until it burns off after sunrise.  The morning will be sunny, but clouds will be on the increase this afternoon as the next storm system begins to approach.  Clouds will also be increasing as winds shift from the North to a more easterly direction off the ocean. 

Depending on how much sun we see today when the clouds begin to take over, will have an effect on our high temperatures.  Overall, we'll see highs in the mid 50's to around 60 degrees, but that could vary if clouds hold off till later or come in sooner.   Clouds will be building from the south and west, so areas south of the city will be the first to see them.