Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not So Bad for Trick-or-Treating

As Sandy moves off toward the north and east, today will be a much needed calmer day.  Winds will be less than 15 mph most of the time, but I can't rule out an occasional 20 mph gust.  But a 20 mph gust won't even be noticeable after the 50 + mph gusts we dealt with the past couple of days.

Scattered showers from Sandy will still be around today across the area, but the best chances of getting wet will be to the north and west of Philadelphia.  However, there will be more dry periods than wet periods.  This is good news if your kids will be trick-or-treating this afternoon and evening (if it wasn't delayed due to Sandy).  In fact, there may even be some breaks of sun during the afternoon.

The high today will be in the mid 50s in Philadelphia.  For evening trick-or-treating, temperatures will be in the low 50s at 6 PM, falling into the upper 40s by 9 PM.

Happy Halloween !