Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 19th, 2012 Forecast

After a cool week, we have a bit of rain to get through before a really nice stretch of weather headed our way, including most of the weekend.  The storm system that spawned tornadoes in the deep Mississippi Valley and caused rain-delays for both the ALCS and NLCS games has marched east and will give us some rain tonight and into your Friday.  Will it be out of here for your weekend, you'll have to scroll down.

First, we have a soggy 24-hours or so to get through.  A rather potent cold front is headed our way and wil start to bring us showers.  Clouds will start to be on the increase towards late-evening and will start to give way to showers late.  If you have any outdoor plans that might span into the twilight hours, you may want to move them indoors or, at least, bring an umbrella.  Lows tonight will hover around the 60-degree mark, with lower temperatures, in the mid-50s, to the north and west.  Tomorrow, the heavier showers will persist until around midday, but skies will remain mostly cloudy.  I'm leaving isolated showers in the forecast until tomorrow evening, with my thinking that some rain could wrap back around.  Highs tomorrow, even with the rain, will remain in the mid-70s throughout the area as the clouds act as a blanket.  Winds will remain from the southerly direction.  High school football games could be washed out, not from gametime rainfall, but from the heavier rain earlier in the day and the field conditions.  My Friday Night Lights Gamecast will be up later this evening.

After Friday, we have some great weather headed our way.  Temperatures drop back to near 70-degrees for Saturday under clearing and sunny skies.  The sun sticks around for the rest of the extended forecast, with temperatures starting in the mid-60s on Sunday to the lower to mid-70s by next Thursday.  Remember the average high for this time of year is around 63-degrees and we'll be staying above that throughout this stretch of weather.

On another note, NOAA has come out with their 2012-2013 Winter Outlook.  Forecaster have been hampered this year with a stubborn El Nino that hasn't made itself present, as expected.  For the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, NOAA is predicting "equal chances" of precipitation and temperatures. Meaning we have the same chance for a normal, above average and below average winter in terms of temperature and precipitation amounts.  Something to look forward to I guess.