Friday, October 26, 2012

October 27th, 2012 Forecast

With a consistent easterly flow, the cloud deck has decided to extend it's stay a little longer, but with a few more breaks in the sky, especially along the shore point today.  Just as well, it seems more and more likely that the Delaware Valley could see some damaging effects from Hurricane Sandy.  For an impact-by-impact breakdown, check out my post from earlier today, Sandy: "Just the Facts, Ma'am".

Overnight, we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies as the predominately easterly winds start to shift, eroding away some of the clouds overnight.  Lows tonight will dip into the mid-50's both around the city and to the south and east.  Temperatures could get a little cooler, in the lower 50's to the north and east.  Winds will start that shift, coming from the northeast, around 5 mph.  Saturday will be dry for most of the day so any final preparations can be done.  Temperatures hovering around the 70-degree mark throughout the area under "waves" of clouds as the outskirts of Hurricane Sandy start to each our area.  We'll see some isolated to scattered showers form late afternoon into the overnight.  Winds will start off from the northeast at 5 to 10 mph, but will become more breezy overnight.

Sunday, temperatures will barely get into the 60's as the trough starts to push into Western Pennsylvania, and bring down some cooler air.  The Philadelphia Eagles game at 1pm look wet and breezy, but that should be able to get the game in before the heavier stuff moves in.  You can check out Tom's Eagles GameCast here.  Monday we'll start to see the big stuff move in as the storm gets closer.  Again, depending on the track will determine the severity and duration of "the big stuff", but regardless I'm expecting a few hours of heavy torrential rains and strong winds with higher gusts.  The full force of the storm will hit around Monday night into Tuesday afternoon.  Highs on Monday will stick in the mid- to upper 50's, so at least if your power does go out, it isn't too hot or too cold.  Tuesday will be the last day of this slow-mover.  The forecast from the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly has the words "Tropical Storm Conditions Possible" for Monday into Tuesday, and I concur.  Highs on Tuesday will stay in the mid-50's as the clouds and rain from the "Tropical" system interact with the air being pulled down by the trough.

Halloween is on Wednesday and while there is a chance of rain during the day, I think the system will move far enough away to allow for the kids to go trick-or-treating at night with almost no precipitation, maybe a passing shower.  Thursday we start to clear out and dry out.  With temperatures back into the 60's for highs and under partly cloudy skies.  Friday is the end of the regular season for a lot of high school football teams, and it looks like a typical fall weekend with highs near 60-degrees under partly cloudy skies.

Remember to keep it here at through the storm for updates.