Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out Of The Fifties Today

It's milder this morning than it was yesterday -- temperatures mainly in the 50's across the region, pushing 60 along the Shore at this very early hour.  Some showers and areas of drizzle are propagating northward along the coast and inland as milder air pushes up the coast in advance of a cool front that will push through late this afternoon and this evening.

The drizzle and shower activity that's around us this morning will push northeast and skies will brighten later today, with a mix of clouds and sunshine this afternoon around the region.  With the warm push finally taking hold...albeit briefly...temperatures should nudge into the 70's from Philly on south.  We're pegging 71 for Philadelphia.

North of the city, clouds may hold a bit longer and temperatures may not warm as much...we're still hopeful that mid and upper 60's will be the final destination for the thermometer this afternoon for Allentown, Quakertown, and Trenton.  These temperatures are all slightly above average but much more in line with where we should be in October compared to the 50's.   With the cool front passing through tonight, a shower is possible in spots but odds favor any shower activity to be isolated.