Sunday, October 07, 2012

Rain Gradually Spreads In Later

Hopefully you enjoyed yesterday's weather because today sure will not be as nice.  Showers are spreading in from the southwest and will increase in coverage through the day, turning into a steady, damp, raw light rain later on.  Our temperatures, which are in the 40's and low 50's around the Delaware Valley at 8 AM, will not move much today and could even slip back a bit later on.

We might not get past our 1 AM temperature of 54 degrees, which could end up being the "high" for the day in the Delaware Valley.  After we were near 80 at Noon temperatures may be 30 degrees cooler by Noon today with a raw, chilled rain falling across the region.

 Rainfall totals today will range from between a couple of tenths of an inch across the Poconos to an inch, perhaps more, along the coast to our south.  Philly looks to get about a half inch or so of rain.  All of this is in association with a wave of energy traveling along yesterday's cold front, which lies to our south offshore.

The "good" news in today's weather?  The wind won't be much of a factor, generally under ten miles per hour in Philadelphia through the day.  It might be a bit breezy at the coast but even there winds should be under 20 miles per hour today.

Welcome to Fall!