Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy the Superstorm

Sandy came ashore near Atlantic City earlier this evening, but not before causing much destruction and devastation.  The radar image above from around 8:30 PM shows a little break in the rain for Philadelphia right now, but more is on the way as Sandy's rain bands spin back around.

Hurricane classification has been lost for Sandy, even though winds as of 8 PM are still sustained at 80 mph, due to the loss of an organized circulation.  Now she is taking on the name "Superstorm Sandy."

I've been watching various news coverage all day from New York City stations, Philadelphia stations, and national stations such as The Weather Channel.  I even went live myself on my college T.V. station for an hour special that other meteorologists and I decided to do.  I have learned that Sandy's pressure which dropped as low as 940 mb was the lowest pressure with a storm to ever travel farther north than North Carolina !

Flooding has been occurring at the Jersey Shore since this morning.  Below is an aerial photo from Atlantic City from this afternoon, completely under water, with parts of the boardwalk getting washed away.

The Jersey Shore isn't the only place that's flooding.  The picture below is from Lower Manhattan, and it looks like it's getting swept away.

Over 400,000 people are currently without power across the Delaware Valley.  Many Philadelphia area roads and bridges are closed and all flights have been canceled out of Philadelphia International Airport.  In fact, most airports in the northeast are currently closed so that no flights are going in or out in these dangerous conditions.

The Jersey Shore has picked up over 7 inches of rain from Superstorm Sandy.  Atlantic City picked up 7.73 inches so far and West Cape May has received 7.80 inches.  Atlantic City reported a peak wind gust of 77 mph, but the highest gust in our area so far occurred in Ocean County, in Surf City...89 mph !  Northeast Philadelphia has reported a gust of 70 mph, but at the airport the highest gust has been 52 mph so far.

For a full list of rainfall totals and peak wind gusts, click here.