Saturday, October 06, 2012

Slow Transition On Fall Color

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a rather marked change in this graphic in ten days as we get into a significant round of chilled air starting tonight.  Fall color is starting to appear in a few spots around town but is more prevalent across the Poconos, the "T" in Central Pennsylvania, and points north.

As far as seasonal trends go, this is pretty close to where we normally reside.   If you're heading out today for a Fall color trip in Pennsylvania, north of I-80 is where the best color will be visible.   According to the Foliage Network, fall color this year in New England and Upstate New York is improved from last year's less-than-stellar Fall color season (helps that precipitation has been a bit more "normal" this year compared to last summer and early Fall).  Fingers crossed that this translates to our areas as well as the month progresses.

According to the PA Department of Tourism 70% of the trees have changed color along the Northern Tier of the state, with 30% color change having taken place across the Poconos and along Blue Mountain in Central Pennsylvania.  With a cool to at times chilly week ahead, I would expect those numbers to jump a fair bit in the next week to ten days, with north of I-80 likely peaking in Fall color within the week and the Poconos, Blue Mountain, and Hawk Mountain likely peaking next weekend.

Locally, we're still about three weeks away from peak color, which is pretty much in line for the Delaware Valley historically.