Friday, October 05, 2012

Surge of 80's Today

There's some localized fog out there this morning as we start the last day of the work week but temperatures are generally in the 50's or low 60's across much of the region.  Temperatures are pretty nice out of the gate and we'll likely have a very nice day overall across the Delaware Valley as sunshine and light breezes help push us up to 80 or the lower 80's this afternoon for highs.  We can't do much better than today if you're a fan of warm weather.  Any patchy fog that develops over the next few hours should burn off relatively quickly, leaving lots of blue and bright skies for the duration of the day.

Today or tomorrow will make the last 80 degree day for the region for the year in all likelihood as a sharp cool front nudges along through the Great Lakes and towards us this weekend.  Today probably is that final 80 degree day across most of Pennsylvania.  Tomorrow might be that day from the city and points south and east, depending on how much sunshine we get in the morning ahead of the cool front.  Some of the computer modeling out there is suggesting the city gets to near 80 tomorrow afternoon before the front passes.  The last vestiges of summery warmth are upon us over these next two days.